Anti- Money Laundering Program

FNSCI offers Customized AML Policies, Annual Employee Training and
Independent Testing of your company's AML Policy   

Loan Officer Compensation Plans

FNCSI has a Customizable Loan Officer Compensation Plan to meet the
requirements of the Fed's Compensation Rule. Plans can be tailored for any size
company with a variety of compensation methods

Licensing Services

First National Compliance Services Inc. (FNCSI) is able to expedite the approval
process for New Mortgage Banker Licences and Mortgage Broker Registrations.
Mergers & Acquisitions, Change of Control, Corporate Name Changes, DBA's,
Branch Office Licenses and Address Changes.

Pre-Examination Audits for FHA, NY and NJ Banking Departments

can perform an on-site review prior to your Banking Department or FHA
audit to ensure that you are prepared for your next examination and provide
solutions for Fair Lending Compliance, Policy and Procedure deficiencies,
RESPA/TILA issues and Corrective Action Plans.  

Regulatory Compliance State & Federal
Advertising Violations, Consumer Complaints, RESPA & TILA Discrepancies:
FNCSI can help you close the file with the banking department through
negotiations and corrective action plans.  

Fair Lending Training
Our training program includes real life examples of recent Fair Lending
Investigations and settlements as well as guidance on ECOA, The Fair Housing
Act, HMDA, The Fair Credit Act and State Specific Fair Lending Laws.   

Branch Office Monitoring

A Branch Audit from FNCSI will provide you with a comprehensive review of your
branch offices to ensure compliance with company policy as well Federal & State
regulatory compliance.

Policy and Procedure Plans

Employee Manuals, Third Party Origination Plans, Identity Theft, Loan Officer
Compensation, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, Quality Control Plans, Business
Plans, Advertising Policies and Procedures, Red Flag Rules Implementation,    
S.A.F.E. Act Policy, FACTA and Fair Lending plans can all be custom tailored to
your organizations needs.

FHA Quality Control Plans

FNCSI Can draft a quality control plan that meets the requirements of chapter
7 of HUD Handbook 4060.1 and specifically tailored to your business practices
and geographic location.  

Quality Control Audits

FNCSI quality control file audits are designed to ensure compliance with FHA,
VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements with an additional focus on
Federal and state compliance and will be completed in approximately 30 days
or less.

Forensic File Audits

Early Payment Defaults, Non Owner Occupancy, Straw Buyers, Mortgage
Fraud Detection. FNCSI can act as your investigative division on problem files.   

Repurchase Demands File Reviews and Negotiation

FNCSI can review and negotiate repurchase demands to limit or mitigate
actual losses.

Due Diligence Reviews

When considering a merger or acquisition FNCSI can provide you with a
comprehensive report of the operations in question including regulatory
compliance and operational compliance.

Third Party Origination Risk Management

FNCSI can provide risk management procedures and manage the Approval,
Monitoring and Renewals by performing comprehensive reviews of your third
party originating clients.

Website Compliance Reviews

FNCSI can review your website for State Banking Department, TILA, FTC and
HUD advertising regulations, rules and guidance.  
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FNCSI. is a provider of consulting services. All findings, policies, plans and procedures etc. should be reviewed by
your independently retained legal counsel.
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